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Book Tour - The Money Tree by LaDonna Smith

Title: The Money Tree
Author: LaDonna Smith

Release Date: 27 November 2013


The Money Tree explains basic financial concepts and practices in plain and easy to understand language that children can comprehend and use in their day-to-day lives. The clear text and playful illustrations aim to simplify financial concepts like earning, saving, interest, the difference between needs and wants, and the joy of running one’s own business. To make the otherwise boring topic interesting, the concepts have been explained through small anecdotes accompanied with colorful illustrations to stimulate children and ignite a love of saving.

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A truly great book for both kids and parents. If you have problems explaining to your kid why you can't buy this toy for him/her. Though I do not have kids, and my parents were very strict with money I do believe this is a good book for kids to learn how to spend and gain their money. 

It's true money doesn't grow on trees, but kids sometimes think it does, and this book with it's colourful design, easy language and straight to the point attitude it best for kids! If you don't have this book on your kid's shelf you're loosing a lot. well, at least the time and patience to explain everything! Enjoy and have fun with your kids! 

~ About the Author ~

LaDonna Smith is the author of the children’s picture book titled The Money Tree, which won the 2014 Financial Literacy Children’s Book of the Year award from the Institute for Financial Literacy. 

She is a certified financial educator whose goal is to educate youth from all walks of life on how to find their path to financial empowerment. LaDonna draws inspiration for her book ideas from several typical parenting routines: watching her children play or argue, overhearing them sing or talk, and listening to all the amazing ideas, concerns, and requests that they come up with. The Money Tree is the first, but her children have inspired many more literary surprises already in the works! LaDonna and her husband reside in New York and have four wonderful children, all with intriguing and different personalities, like the characters she creates in her storybooks.

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